""Yes, something happened."

Rev. Kari Immonen's testimony

Yes, something happened.  It was on our sea voyages in the Arctic to reach Murmansk. I can still remember the cold winter storm winds blowing from the Arctic Ocean, and the fierce winds from the Atlantic Ocean, and when they met, mighty cross-swell.

We sailed empty in it all to get the load from Murmansk, as tossed like the cork here and there, the ship rocking from one side to another.  I had to put my arm under the mattress, that did not fly off my bunk.  However in front of Murmansk the sea is melt, and as waiting in the long cue the moisture began to freeze on the deck, the crew constantly had to break it off.  The ship was not made for the winter climate, a former sugar carrier from Canada to Cuba, thus we had all our clothes on, it was cold, even the captain’s bathtub froze up.

And something began to happen inside of the crew on those voyages out in the open sea.  Suddenly at one night one tough seaman got frightened, all he wanted, it was to get off the ship. He broke his arm on the purpose, and got the ticket to fly home.  Next another tough seaman did get scared of something at night time, you could see it from his appearance, and eyes, he just wanted off the ship. He broke his leg on the purpose, and got the ticket to fly home. 

Then the steward, he totally got mixed up, he spoke something we did not understand, eyes were big like ping pong balls, dressed funny, went like in another world along the corridors, that must lock him up in his cabin, that might not jump over the board, in France the white jacket men took him into the hospital.  We all liked him, and went to see him, it was so sad to see, what had happened. He did not say a word about it. 

There in the crew men began to wonder, it was strange, that was going.  Then I had the most terrible experience of all my life, as at night time, when I could not get any sleep, felt suddenly like the hell kind of pain going through my whole being, felt like the time stopped, could not well breath, experiencing like hanging helplessly above some deep bottomless pit. 

The awareness was so strong, that if I died, I would go into the hell and fast!  Then for my horror I saw something, that normally is unseen, the demonic beings around me in my cabin, and when they indicated for me to follow, like a flash I quickly understood, what these other seamen before may have experienced, and it truly was something I totally disliked by all my heart, that was enough for me and for my life.  And in the middle of that fearful realization of the whole situation, that total powerless helplessness, it was the most, that frightened. 

Suddenly like the calm wind blew through the cabin, and into my mind was revived some Pentecostal Church meetings I had been.  Those were not many, but taken into them by my Christian aunt, and also by my sister, and her husband, could not meet them many times at all because of out at sea, but they were praying for me.

I always experienced in those meetings the Higher power on me, never said anything to anyone about it. I remembered the preachers, and some what they said about God, heaven, and angels etc., even did not understand it all, but was sure about that Higher power upon those meetings touching me. I remembered the beautiful songs they sang, and especially my sister’s words she said: “Kari, if you once in your life time become into the situation, you feel, that you cannot make it, never give up, because Jesus lives. You just need to call Him.” 

I threw myself into such prayer, I never knew how to properly pray, but prayed constantly through the whole night seeking God from all of my heart.  As I had become aware of the powers of the darkness, I wanted that same, what these believers had in Him.  Next morning I was so happy, that nothing bad happened to me. I did not say a word to anyone in the crew, but kept on praying, as did not want that awful experience to repeat.

The crew wondered, as I lost totally the desire for the drinks of any sort of alcohol, and I did not go with them anymore to the shore. Without knowing, I had times of fasting, as sometimes did not feel for eating food, just drank some juice.  Very deep questions within me, that needing answers. 

This ship sailed all the winter months still away from Finland, next summer signed off.  When found the Bible, began to read, but theologically things were not at all clear to me, even I was very peacefully free from all of my temptations, just wanting to seek God, and know Him.  Soon I went to meet my Christian aunt, and told her everything, and she was now afraid, that “where have you been?” 

Thus we knelt down, and she prayed, later told, than like never before in her life she was filled by the Holy Spirit to pray to God. I just simply, and shortly asked as the sinner for the Lord Jesus to take me just as I was, ready, and wanted to follow Him.  My aunt was spiritually very wise, she took the open Bible, and proclaimed all my sins forgiven in the holy blood of Jesus Christ, and then it happened.

I rose up from that prayer, I knew within, I was the born again child of God.  Every least, and last doubt, any question, waverings, them all were blown away, it was the most beautiful experience of all my life, the Spirit within in me was saying, “I am saved, I am saved, Jesus has saved me”.  Like the Scriptures say;

Rom. 8:15-16 “For you did not receive a spirit of slavery again to fear, but you received a Spirit of adoption by which we cry, Abba! Father!  The Spirit Himself witnesses with our spirit that we are children of God”.

Since then, it has been the love and joy to share my witness around, and preach about our living, and loving God, Savior Lord Jesus Christ, Who rescues, and saves sinners, and gives totally the new life.  Just like written;

Acts 1:8 “but you will receive power, the Holy Spirit coming upon you, and you will be witnesses of Me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

Now I have learnt how to deal in the Name of Jesus Christ with the Satan, and all the powers of the darkness, as written;

James 4:7 ”Then be subject to God. Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you.”

Yes, it happened to me, as I saw something, that normally is unseen.  God in His love well knew, what I needed, that I would know, what is the best thing in the life, and turn myself to surrender unto Him.  This all has been just His eternal wonderful loving grace, and mercy to me.  I became the born again believer at midnight 7-8 AUG 1970, and praise God, that I did.  Blessed be His Holy Name!  It is written, as what Jesus said;

John 3:3,6-8 “Jesus answered and said to him, Truly, truly, I say to you, if one does not receive birth from above, he is not able to see the kingdom of God. That receiving birth from the flesh is flesh, and that receiving birth from the Spirit is spirit. Do not wonder because I told you, You must receive birth from above. The Spirit breathes where He desires, and you hear His voice; but you do not know from where He comes, and where He goes; so is everyone who has received birth from the Spirit.”

Just as you have read, that I experienced something, you may have not seen. But it is not too late for you, to meet our God in your own heart, the Lord Jesus Christ is always only a prayer away. You just humbly need to begin to call Him.  Our God is always good and faithful.  His love never fails.  The Son of God, Jesus Christ, He is the Only Master there is in this our limited time on the sea of the life, to take the man’s eternal soul into the glory of the heaven to the Father with Him.

God bless you!





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