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Kia Orana & Bula!  Loving greetings to all praying friends in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The registration of the Sea Islands Mission Ltd. in England has been in progress. My friend David Penman works on it in London. He was supposed to visit in Finland, but we had just then in two occasions severe stomach problems. The second time, I was too, which is unusual, just on the bottom of the bunk. Fortunately, in the neighboring house Juha Haakana from our weekly home prayer group helped by going into the store and pharmacy. Life.


David’s time during this summer goes into the preparation of his weddings. I am happy on his behalf, as he has been a widow already for eight years. How that time has passed so quickly. I will have in this widow's life soon three years full, as with Anna paddling and floating in His grace. 


England is the country of the sailors. There are no the long winter’s snow and ice on the way to limit the number of the sailors like what goes on here in Finland. Neil and Lynn Hunter in Wales are before God with their built steel-framed motor-sailing vessel.  With the family of five children they have felt that one day it will be the time to leave for the ends of the earth. The long time of the waiting with the construction of the ship it has ripened for the future in front of the face of God, the children have grown up and gradually moved on out each on their own turn to live their own lives. A mother at home is getting used to, that not in her mind intending to make food for seven, as the majority from the nest has already gone out.


Neil had a purpose to acquire for our use the long-line fishing vessel, but the British economy went into mud. He finances his expenses by their own taxi business. It is now there hoped for a substantial recovery in the economy, as in the rest of Europe.  There in the Fiji Islands is as a view for the possibility of the Tuna fishing and marketing to Japan. Biblically one is sent out for the mission work, or then like Apostle Paul is making ​​tents. Both take place, the Tuna fishing is one "tent-making-project", which would be worth for helping the operations of the mission vessels. The working range is wide, and the ship equipped with up-to-date and regular maintenance needs to be especially well treated.  In much driving also for the new vessels the wearing parts are fatal, if not in time checking for maintenance. In particular, all the dry-dockings cost. A lot of ships and boats sailing out there every year sink under the waves, and on the reefs are broken, lives are lost. The biggest reason there is the poor man's repairs. This subject has to be treated reasonably, of how to go on steadily forward with the challenge.  Yes I have personal experiences of the drifting in the severe storms in the middle of the worst reefs in Fiji, at first for 3 days, later for 9 days. Thus living by grace, thank God!  There then came a weighing-thought-out; even in the world of whatever recession, still to find the way.



Neil Hunter with his workmen has actually built for the mission work the appropriate motor sailing vessel 60 feet = 18.3 m, the masts and sails belong to her. He previously built a cement vessel, but she crashed in the English Channel into the lurking steel container floating in the water. Neil managed to escape with his underage son. The British are still like in the Second World War when the enemy annoyed them badly, then the even more determined fierce battle begins.


Loren and Georgia Murphy became familiar in 1986; they sailed from the USA to Tahiti in the French Polynesia by their sailing boat American Flyer. Sirkka had the very critical pregnancy while waiting for Jukka, their company was a blessing to us. They continued on their journey to Melanesia. Later, in the USA they were involved with in when the Christian Yacht owners became organized, there was born the Christian Boaters Association. About this type of the need for the believers with their own sailing boats Loren was sharing and pointing out in Tahiti.  I function in this CBA as the Advisory Board Member.

Murphy’s specific project is to build the Zebulun sailing ship, which is made ​​of aluminum. Length of 96 feet = 27.43 m, beam 23 feet = 7.01 m, draft of 8 feet = 2.4384 m. Two engines of 285Hp Cummins Diesels will cruise at 12 knots with full load, by sails in the proper conditions 17 knots. She may take the regular or relief cargo of 23 tons of being able to decode them in the shallows. Berths for 6-8 person crew and 16 travelers.  The RO-water maker is capable to do of 3800 gal = 14 384.5648 liters per day to fill up the water supply, she can sail for the help after tsunami or cyclone has ravaged the islands.

Lynn & Neil Hunter in England, and Georgia & Loren Murphy in the United States are two examples of how God in His great silence and touching power has set into the heart the fulfilling of the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ in these most uttermost islands, which are the furthest areas from Jerusalem. The work is there still a lot to do. In modern times, it is not easy and requires red tape with its reasons, just strangers with their vessels to get there within to operate. Within the South Pacific national co-operation we have for it in Finland the Meren Saaret -Lähetys Ry., in USA the Sea Islands Mission Inc. in Houston, Texas, and still to register the Sea Islands Mission Ltd. in London, UK.

The receiving of the Mission Vessels is carried out by the South Pacific General Superintendents Forum of the Assemblies of God Movements, to which was given the birth by the help of the Mission Boat M/V Kaksi Kalaa (Two Fish).  The Cook Islands Assemblies of God, which functioned as a domicile, now plays the significant role, as in the area of this island country there locates a large lagoon island of Penhryn, there we need to make the boat harbor Mission Marina, which also would be commercially the self-supportive "tent-making-project." It is the only place in the whole vast area, where the foreign boats would be able to stay safe during the 6 months cyclone season. Today, all the sailboats are chased away by the power of the law during that stormy period. Therefore, the round the world sailors, though they certainly would like to keep their boats in the area.

I function for the Foreign Missions Department of the Cook Islands Assemblies of God and for the Mission Boat sector (department called Kaksi Kalaa Mission) of the South Pacific General Superintendents Forum of the Assemblies of God Movements as the International Director.  A lot of prayer needed.  Rev. Kari Immonen



Loren & Georgia Murphy



Zebulun under work



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