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Sea Islands Mission Inc. is the committed non-profit organization to serve for the evangelization of the South Pacific Islands.  All SIM's mission functions are vitally executed within the very close cooperation of the aboriginal national people living and working in the South Pacific Islands countries. 

This www-page will later expose more of the nature of the ministry of Sea Islands Mission Inc., which was registered in Texas, U.S.A. in 2001, and approved for the tax exempt status under sections 501(a) and 501(c)(3) by IRS late Sept. 2002.  

Sea Islands Mission Inc.'s function consists seven different departments, which are:

1. Sea Islands Mission Inc. - SIM   

2. Polynesia Islands Mission - PIM                                                               

3. Polynesia School of Missions - PSM                                                        

4. Kaksi Kalaa Mission - KKM                                                                     

5. Triple Kay -Fishing Company Ltd. - 3K                                                       

6. Operation Ocean Waves - OOW

- Fijian Youth Mission Organization founded and directed by Pastor Jone Kata.  Our own SIM www-page for OOW will come out later.
7. OverSeas Boats - OSB   
-  SIM's own www-page for OSB will later expose the private Christian or Church boats/vessels, whom are committed for the evangelization of the South Pacific Islands.  Those people and boats can be still preparing to go out or already left for the South Seas, but due to the prayer and support their stories will be displayed.

Note: Anyone, whom feels before the Lord the need of OSB/Sea Islands Mission Inc. as the channel for one's own mission boat activities, thus is very free and welcome to contact us.  We give the very high regard to the individual ministry calling before our living God. 

- We desire to pray together with you of how your own spiritual background people would become better acquainted with the serious facts of the genuine needs of the transport for the national pastors and evangelists amongst the South Pacific Islands. SIM will have visiting pastors/speakers making tours in USA and England.

The tax deductible receipts will be given in return towards any volunteer financial donations for the Sea Islands Mission Inc. 

Note! All checks or transfers must be made for the Sea Islands Mission Inc.  The name of the department needs to be written into the little info.  If the donation is for any specific destination within the department, then to draw the slash and to put the name of that destination, like: OSB /name of the boat.

Departments are limited into seven: SIM, PIM. PSM, KKM, 3K, OOW, and OSB.
Note: As for the examples of how to write the little info, here SIM's genuine programs needing true prayers and support: OSB/"Uttermost Witness", OSB/"Zebulun", "KKM/International Mission Center", "PIM/ Mission Marina", etc.
Address for the checks: Contact person in the SIM's home
Sea Islands Mission Inc. office in Texas:
P. O. Box 27174 Adrienne Eaton
Houston Office Secretary
TX 77227 Phone/fax: 713 665 9988
U.S.A. Mobile: 281-704-2823
Bank account:  # 0070606542, Compass Bank, 750-Meyerland Plaza Shopping 
Center, Houston, Texas 77096, U.S.A.
Contact people for Sea Islands Mission Inc: 
Rev. Kari Immonen, President, International Director   


Tapio Juhola, Vice-President

Phone: 562 693 5815 
Rev. Tevai Vaka (Bobby) Matapo   
South Pacific National Director of Sea Islands Mission    
Gen.Superint. of Cook Islands Assemblies of God                       
Note: OverSeas Boats/OSB will be working for the ministry aspects together with the Kaksi Kalaa Mission/KKM, which is the special agent to serve for the South Pacific General Superintendents Forum of the Assemblies of God in helping the mission boat matters. You can read more from the page of Kaksi Kalaa Mission.

Contacts for Kaksi Kalaa Mission/KKM: 

Pastor Jone Kata    
National Director of Kaksi Kalaa Mission                      
Director of International Mission Center 
Rev. Kari Immonen     
International Director                                                                                

I hope, this brief exposure is sufficient to you for time being, until we get new www-pages to clarify further of these matters.  Please, do not hesitate to contact us, if the need and feeling is in your heart to do so before the Lord.

Mauruuru rahi roa!   Kari Immonen

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