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  The Polynesia School of Missions is being established on Rarotonga, Cook Islands to assist Polynesia Islands Mission (Administered by the Assemblies of God in the Cook Islands) facilitate and fulfill their great commission goals and objectives in the Polynesian sector of the South Pacific.        

  This uttermost part was first evangelized over 100 years ago, but today little remains of any Evangelical of Pentecostal witness.  Now is an opportune time to implement a fresh missionís strategy that is empowered and energized by the Holy Spirit.        
  The geographical isolation and scattering of over 300 Polynesian Islands is not conducive to commercial sea trading.   Accessibility is often limited and often infrequent.  Therefore PIMís cutting edge strategy involves use of small boats to transport mission expeditions among the Islands, a method almost identically employed by the original pioneers in the Pacific.        






PIM offers a missionary experience unique in these times. After study and practical preparation through Polynesia School of Missions you can become a part of an expedition team that puts adventure back into reaching out to a lost Paradise.  If  you are willing to go where you have never been before and prepared to attempt what you have never done before, consider enrolling for the greatest experience of your life. 


      How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not  have believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?  And how shall they preach unless they are sent? Romans 10:14-15.  

      The accommodation, and general living conditions will on endeavor to reflect the Polynesian culture of the small Isolated Islands.  This is for the purpose of pre- conditioning students for greater culture integration and assimilation while missionary expedition. Dormitory accommodation for singles and separate rooms for married couples, will be offered. Polynesian food will feature prominently on the menu.  

      Polynesians are a communal and community orientated culture. They are non materialistic and consider all things in common. Students are advised to be highly flexible and very adaptable as cross culture assimilation requires many paradigm shifts.  Many of the Islands to be visited are isolated and untouched by Western culture and tourism.  Endeavor to make this once in a life time missionary adventure your personal Everest.  

        Available on request.  
        Courses Offered  
        COURSE 1  

        Four month intensive Missions Course contextualised to the Polynesian setting.  Three, one week missionary field expeditions will be undertaken with the Cook Islands.  
        Travel will be light aircraft.  Airfares are included in the fees.  

        Course 1 plus a two months missionary expedition predominantly within the Cook Islands.  Travel will be by small boat.  
        COURSE 3  
        An extension of courses 1 and 2.  A six month involvement mission team expeditions through Polynesia.  This course will be in components of 5 x 5 week modules to allow for teams members to continually reassess their personal situations, in Team re-allocation, or Team changes.  Travel will be by small boat.  



      1. Teams will visit Islands we have had no previous contact with to ascertain potential for future evangelistic visits.  Collect data on Islands, people, spiritual climate and receptivity.  
        2. Teams will do follow up to Islands previously visited and now receptive for a pioneering evangelistic mission.  

      3. Teams will visit Islands where we have accessibility due to established contacts to help start a home study group or plant a church.  
        4. Teams will visit newly planted AOG churches and assist with building projects plus evangelism.  
        5. Teams will visit established AOG Churches and undertake a predetermined programme that enchances the Churches profile and growth on the Islands.   

        6. Teams will visit Islands requesting assistance within as already established church.  

        Please write giving details of your inquiry plus something about yourself to:   
POLYNESIA ISLANDS MISSION  P.O.BOX 363 Rarotonga          Cook Islands                               South Pacific                             Phone: +682 25 668

Rev. Tevai Vaka (Bobby) Matapo
Gen. Superint. Cook Islands Assembies of God
South Pacific Director of Sea Islands Mission Inc.
Retired Commissioner of Cook Islands Police
Bobby: +682 25 225
E-mail: tevai@oyster.net.ck



Pastor Beres Rasmussen               National Administrator                   E-mail: beres@oyster.net.ck


Rev. Kari Immonen
International Director of Polynesia Islands Mission,
Foreign Missions Department of Cook Islands AOG.
Phone/fax: 358 9 2411426
Mobile: +358 45 134 66 91
E-mail: kari.immonen@sea-islands-mision.com or  kari.immonen@merensaaret.com




Mission ministry availabilities for the youth!

Young mature people, who have the previous experience, also the blessing and finance from their spiritual home church backgrounds, are wanted as fulltime workers for the following specific ministries:
They are:
1. Assistance at the Christian school
2. Youth. Both at the National and Local level.
3. Work in the youth department in the Arorangi Church
4. Work in the National Office with clercical office work 
Notice:  Several young people have contacted PSM from Finland, but the financial costs have been the key factor to leave everything before the Lord in prayer to wait for the better times.  Polynesia is the most faraway place from the Northern Europe.  Actually this matter of the finance is something, what we are facing everywhere we turn to in the islands.  Hopingly in the future the local movement has better possibilities to come down in the field expenses.  

We hope, that gradually PIM & PSM are able to receive interest in U.S.A. through Sea Islands Mission Inc.  The North America is closer and in comparison there lives more available Christian youth to come along for helping islands ministries.

Thanks for your prayers to see the Lord's leading in everything.

                                            Newsflash info update 2008

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