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By Tevai Vaka (Bobby) Matapo

Gen.Superint. of Cook Islands Assemblies of God, Retired Commissioner of Cook Islands Police,        South Pacific Director of Sea Islands Mission Inc.

A commitment to the Great Commission among the Polynesian peoples of the South Pacific.     

Administered by the Foreign Missions Department of the Assemblies of God in the   Cook Islands.




Polynesia Islands Mission very heartily welcomes all reborn and Spirit filled Christian youth from any denominations to come over to help and receive training with experiences  in the front line evangelism of the islands of the sea!

Having put into place the organizational structures and means by which we are able to reach Cook Islanders for Jesus Christ in the Cook Islands, Australia, and New Zealand, we are presently working on a Foreign Missions Strategy, which is orientated towards the Polynesian sector of the Pacific Ocean, that is beyond the Cook Islands.
Because of our location and closeness to the other Polynesian Nations, we believe that a mission base in the Cook Islands is strategically right.  To our right is the French Polynesia with 130 inhabited islands, population: 200.000, and to our left is the Kingdom of Tonga with 171 islands with 36 being inhabited, population: 98.000, also the Samoan Islands, Niue Is., population: 3.000, and to the North the Tokelau Islands.  Cook Islanders already have strong cultural and family links with the French Polynesian Islands and with Niue.
It has alarmed us to discover, that only the Mormons have a Missions Strategy for Polynesia, they are experiencing outstanding growth due to their focused strategy and significant people and financial resources.  Polynesia is to a large extent an untouched mission field, though it has a historical account of Christendom, it is ripe for a fresh move of God.  Much of what the first missionaries imparted has now dissipated.  This present the Evangelical/ Pentecostal stream is with a tremendous opportunity to capture a market void of spiritual truth and reality.  The Mormons are gaining ground because there is no competitive alternative, how they must laugh inwardly, that they have this untouched harvest all to themselves.  It's what we would call best kept secret.
Our general and broad strategy is:
That we establish a live in missionary training school in Rarotonga. (Good accessibility for international travelers)  This will be The Polynesia School of Missions.  Courses specifically engineered for the purpose of our ends will be offered.  Students will live in an assimilated situation to where they may be sent to.  After the four months Mission Course graduates will then travel to specified Islands with in Polynesia to Evangelize and help pioneer new Churches. Further stages will be spread over eight months.  The total missionary program of one year can be extended by mutual agreement.  We will accept applicants from any part of the world.  Preferences will be for single people or married couples without children.
Being a short term missionary program we believe,  that there will be sufficient people through out the world, who can give up one year (the Mormons have a continuous supply of personnel, as they are on a two year assignment) of their life to serve God.  We also believe, that here is the added attraction of such program being adventurous and in a sense spiritually romantic.  The long term plan will be to bring national converts to Rarotonga for training, then return to their Islands of origin as Pastors.
The Polynesia School of Missions will offer two four month courses each year, which will be arranged to work around the Pacific cyclone seasons, thus giving maximum time for sea travel.  Because of limited accessibility to many of these small islands missionaries will travel by small boats or sailing yachts to their destination.  We are now in the process of securing the services of USA based Christian boat owners, who will supply the transporting of missionaries to the Islands.
Initially we see Niue, and French Polynesia as our first priorities.  Our strong links with people in both places gives us easy accessibility and acceptance without going through bureaucracy.  Our access is almost directly into people's homes and lives.
The majority of Polynesians live in the French Territory.  They being our first cousins we speak the same native language, our teams will travel with a Cook Island speaking member.  Many sizeable Cook Island communities already reside in Tahiti and some smaller communities on other islands.
The Cook Islands A.O.G alone cannot compete with the people and financial resources that the Mormons have.  While we know how to stretch our funds to the limit, we will be recruiting both people and financial resources from where ever we can.  While we will administer the Polynesia Islands Mission, we recognize, that it will take a diversity of contributors working together with military precision for it to be a success.
Immediate needs:
Our first priority is to raise $ NZ 20.000 for a full time National (Cook Island) Evangelist to begin traveling to the Islands to prepare the way for mission expeditions.
Secondly, to raise $ NZ 60,000 to build accommodation for up to 40 students.  These will be very basic structures of a dormitory nature, one for male another for female, plus a kitchen and bathroom facilities.  The lecture room and other facilities are already in place.    If these facilities can be build to Government Licensing Authorities standards, then they can be used by back packers during the 4 month off period to generate some funds for the School.
Thank you for taking the time to read this report.  It is early days and the way ahead is still not absolutely clear.  It never is in God, but we will continue to move forward in faith believing, that each step of obedience will be rewarded with His provision and more direction.

Yours in Christ!                             

Tevai Vaka (Bobby) Matapo    
Gen. Superint. of Cook Islands Assemblies of God
Retired Commissioner of Cook Islands Police 
South Pacific Director of Sea Islands Mission Inc.

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