Kaksi Kalaa Mission

By Rev. Kari Immonen

Kaksi Kalaa Mission serves as the special agent for the South Pacific General Superintendents Forum of the Assemblies of God in assisting the boat mission activities.

We have the great need for more mission boaters to come over to help us with the clear commitment to transport national workers!

The cooperative working platform between different island countries has been created with the top leadership of the AOG movements of the South Pacific area, and boaters can be directed by the pre-made area planning into the locations of the national demand.

Kaksi Kalaa Mission is an open door to become effectively involved within the AOG movements of the South Pacific area, which otherwise might be very difficult for a new unknown boater to get into. We want to challenge all those who have the burden and calling by God -to help nationals!

M/V Kaksi Kalaa (90f. steel boat/converted fishing trawler) was sent from Finland (1988) to help nationals to fulfill the Great Commission.  It became clear to us, that alone we cannot make it!  There are so many local workers who need to be taken to the faraway islands to preach the Gospel in order to establish new churches.  M/V Kaksi Kalaa has not been able to match up with the great demand by the different country leaders to assist them.

M/V Kaksi Kalaa








Even more, due to Finlandís great economical depression our operations  suffered the drastic slowing down of the momentum.  M/V Kaksi Kalaa became fully nationalized under the Fijian Lautoka AOG church, and Kaksi Kalaa Mission has gone international in order to find more desperately needed help and support for our field.  These nationals are ready and enthusiastic to move ahead in evangelism, but they need help in reaching out hundreds of islands of the gigantic sea territory, where the full Gospel about the Salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ has not been heard!

The experienced leadership people are much burdened about the area, like during his life time the Chairman of Gen. Superint. Forum of AOG in the South Pacific - Rev. Filimoni Kama Waqa in Fiji.  He is the founding member of this Forum.  Our loving old man Rev. Filimoni has gone to be with the Lord.

As the International Director of the Kaksi Kalaa Mission I want to extend the burden to you as the challenge to be shared and conquered in the Lord. Things have shaped on this South Pacific field.  It is now open and prepared ready for others to join in the responsible battle of Godís Navy!

Pastor Jone Kata serves as the National Director of the Kaksi Kalaa Mission, also Director of IMC - International Missions Center, and South Pacific Director of Christian Boaters Association.

We believe the Holy Spirit is moving through the body of Christ in order to extend His Kingdom amongst the islands of the sea to the very ends of this earth for His Glory!

Yours in Christ! 

Rev. Kari Immonen  
International Director


Rev. Filimoni Kama Waqa


Senior Pastor of Lautoka Fullgospel Tabernacle

Gen.Superint. of Fiji AOG

Chairman of Gen.Superint. Forum of the Assemblies of God in the South Pacific

For further contact:
Rev. Jone Kata
IMC - Kaksi Kalaa Mission
PO BOX 3301
Fiji Islands
Phone: (679) 997 8295 or
(679) 623 0130
Facebook: Jone M Kata

Rev. Kari Immonen

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Kaksi Kalaa Mission
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00270 Helsinki
Mobile: +358 45 134 66 91
Skype: merensaaret
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Founding members of the Gen.Superint.Forum of the Assemblies of God in the South Pacific Islands

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