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By Rev. Kari Immonen

The Meren Saaret -Lähetys Ry. (Sea Islands Mission) was registered as the society in Finland in 1996 by the re- grouping of the committed believers, who wanted to continue their faithful support for the evangelization of the South Pacific Islands.  The ground has been ploughed for the cooperative matters amongst the nationals living on the South Sea Islands.  The momentum of the work approaches ahead internationally, that also others would be able to share the great challenge to  reach the ends of this earth with the Gospel.

These believers all alone in Finland are unable to carry out the full responsibility of the required supportive matters for this specific field.  That was painfully confirmed by the severe financial depression era in early 90‘s, when the whole nation of Finland was halted.  The nationals living on the small faraway islands have neither needed financial resources, nor enough people to accomplish the Great Commission.  Now by believing in the prompting and guidance of the Lord during these end times of the evangelization, the Sea Islands Mission has set up the sails to move steadily onwards to reach the evangelistic goals of the most uttermost parts of the earth from Jerusalem, which are the South Pacific Islands!
The content within this www-homepage has some detailed exposure of the executive matters, which need the prayerful attention and support by the believers in the other parts of the world. The Great Commission has been given to every believer to put  the hands on the plough for the Glory of God in Jesus Christ!    


Notice: At this particular time we are working on the websites as the time allows. We have a few things to slow us down. I wonder if you are aware of the "The Pacific time". Things happen when the coconut falls down to the ground.  If you impatiently shake the tree, they might fall all on yourself. Even one coconut, none wants it to fall on his head. Patience is the good virtue. When the nice wind blows, the cocnuts fall nicely down to the ground in their own time. So it is also the work of the good wind of the Holy Spirit. We patiently pray, and wait upon the Lord, and suddenly see things happening just sufficiently to adapt the life.
Thank you for your prayers!
Yours in Christ!
Rev. Kari Immonen  
International Director

Sea Islands Mission Inc. is registered in Texas, USA. 

The membership consists of reborn believers from the different Christian denominations.

Tax deductible receipts will be provided towards any volunteer financial donations to support the work.

President, International Director, Rev. Kari Immonen  Vice-President, Tapio Juhola

Contact in Finland:  
Meren Saaret -Lähetys Ry.
Sea Islands Mission Inc.
Paciuksenkaari 14 B 44
00270 HELSINKI     
Phone/fax: +358 9 2411426
Rev. Kari Immonen
President, International Director  
MobilePhone: +358 45 134 66 91


Contact in South Pacific Islands:  
Rev. Tevai Vaka (Bobby) Matapo
South Pacific Director
Meren Saaret -Lähetys Ry.
Sea Islands Mission Inc.
Gen. Superint. of Cook Islands
Assemblies of God
P.O.BOX 363
Cook Islands
South Pacific Islands
Phone: +682 25 668
Bobby: +682 25 225
Contact in USA:
Sea Islands Mission Inc. 
P. O. Box 27174
TX  77227-7174
Mobile: 281-704-2823
Phone/Fax: 713 665 9988
Adrienne Eaton  
Office Secretary     
Tapio Juhola 
8341 California Ave. 
CA 90605
Phone: 562 693 5815   
Contact in Fiji Islands:
Rev. Jone Kata
National Director of Kaksi Kalaa Mission
Director of International Missions Center
Director of Operation Ocean Waves
South Pacific Director of Christian
Boaters Association
PO BOX 3301
Fiji Islands
Phone: +679 997 8295 or
+679 623 0130




Sea Islands Mission is preparing to become registered as the non-profit corporation in London, England. 

President, Rev. Kari Immonen Vice-President, David Penman



David Penman                         10 Bartlett Close                        Poplar                                      London E14 6LH                       England                                     Phone from overseas:            44-20-79877649                        





We are sorry for the delays in getting the major updates done for these webpages due to some technical problems and red-tape.  The renewing and updates for these pages will be gradually further made as time allowing Rev. Kari Immonen to work on them.  All our function happens on the volunteer bases, and total over all work is adjusted to the available funds. 

Thanks for your prayers, support, and long patience. 

For anyone interested there is the very free style on going e-mail communication existing, you are welcome to contact: or

Note:  I try to answer soon and accurate in clarifying the relevant situations    in according to what you show your personal interest in them. 

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Thank you very much for your very kind and effective cooperation!

Keeping in touch!

Loving Kia Orana & Bula!    Kari Immonen  



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