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CBA - The third Annual Meeting in Bradenton, Florida, U.S.A. MAY 18 - 20, 1994
Every year CBA is holding a conference for the Christian boaters, who come from the different parts of the world by the steadily increasing numbers.  Rev. Kari Immonen attended this conference in  Bradenton, Florida 1994.

By Loren Murphy

"The Florida meeting was a great success!  It was a  real international meeting with attendees from South Africa, Finland, Israel, Bermuda, West Indies, Canada and the East West and Gulf coasts of the U.S.A.  There were classes for the 100+attendees for information on: how to get a donated boat; how to prepare a sea going medical kit; amateur radio (HAM) and it’s operation, galley hints and home schooling on board.  There were also panel discussions on maintenance and management of ministry vessels; what types of vessels are best suited for specific ministries and what types of ministries can be facilitated by boat.  Some excellent discussions came out of the panel meetings.  It was interesting to see the light dawning on the faces of some of the new members as the realization of how they could use their boats began to come into focus".
While Rev. Kari Immonen decided to halt totally all overseas traveling for time being due to the family situation, and the new ploughing of the ministry in Finland, it was an excellent time to get Pacific people, like Rev. Jone Kata, becoming better acquainted with boaters in U.S.A.  One never knows, what real deep things can happen, when the Christian boaters get together in our Lord Jesus  Christ.
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Rev. Jone Kata    

National Director of 
Kaksi Kalaa Mission in
CBA - Conference 

     Palm Bay, Florida,

U.S.A. MAY 7-10, 1998


CBA - President
Marlin Simon
    Rev. Jone Kata      
South Pacific Director of
CBA - Christian Boaters

Rev. Kari Immonen

Advisory Board Member

of CBA - Christian
Boaters Association

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